The Board of Directors

Chairman – Henrik Grung

Henrik Grung (born 1970) holds law degree Cand. Jur. from the University of Bergen and is a partner in the law firm Kvale. Grung mainly works with ownership management, company management, corporate strategy and industrial development. He has extensive experience from both national and international business relations within the maritime and marine industry, such as offshore, oil service and shipping sectors. He has been widely used as an advisor to managers, boards and strategic owners in industry and business along the coast. Grung is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Ålesund, Norway. Grung has been the chairman since May 2023.

Board member – Nina Skage

Nina Skage (born 1962) is self-employed and owner of Ninensoma Consulting AS with fixed assignments for Interimleder AS and Friele Foods AS. From 1988 to 2013 Nina Skage held various positions in the Norwegian food industry group Rieber & Son ASA, including Director of Personnel and Organizational Development, Director of Corporate Communications, Director of Business Unit Food Service and Director of Marketing. Skage has her education in business administration from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. She is currently on the following boards Aquila Holdings AS, PODTOWN, Fjåk Chocolate, Grieghallen Music Hall, Dyrket AS, Eiendomskreditt and Cloud Communication Tool AS. Nina Skage is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Bergen, Norway. Skage has been a board member since 2015.

Board member – Hege Sævik Rabben

Hege Sævik Rabben (born 1971) has been working for Havila AS since 2007. She is a trained children’s nurse and has worked in a day care center as a children’s nurse. She is a member of several boards in the Havila Group. Sævik Rabben is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Remøy, Norway. Sævik Rabben has been a board member since 2003.

Board member – Jogeir Romestrand

Jogeir Romestrand (born 1961) has been in the oil service business for more than 30 years, holding various senior positions which include several directorships. He is founder and chair for the privately owned Norwegian Investment Company Rome AS. Current directorship in Entec Group As and CEO in Entec Evotec AS. Romestrand is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Ulsteinvik, Norway. Romestrand has been a board member since May 2017.

Board member – Olav Holst-Dyrnes

Olav Holst-Dyrnes (born 1970) has an engineering degree in product development and production, in addition to having a background in the Norwegian Armed Forces. He is now investment director at Kverva AS. Holst-Dyrnes has previously been CEO of Insula AS, Ekornes ASA and Havfisk ASA, among others. He is a board member of Ulstein ASA in addition to several other Kverva-owned companies within seafood. He has broad expertise in industrial construction and management of various actors working in an international market. Holst-Dyrnes is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Ålesund, Norway. Holst-Dyrnes has been a board member since May 2023.